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Image Vendor Model Year kV Gun Resolution (nm) Features Manual Schem SW Notes
Hitachi ? 1954 300 [1960s]
Hitachi H-1250 1976 1250 0.204 Successor to HU-3000 [1970s]
Hitachi H-1300S 1982 1300 " based on ion radiation" [1980s]
Hitachi HFS-2 1972 FE 3 "first SEM to use a field emission gun as an electron source" [1970s]
Hitachi HSM-2A 1971 40 15 EDS, WDS [1970s]
Hitachi HU-500 1964 500 [1960s]
Hitachi HU-650 1968 650 [1960s]
Hitachi HU-1000 1969 1000 [1960s]
Hitachi HU-3000 1970 3000 0.46 "accelerating voltage was the highest ever for an electron microscope" [1970s]
Hitachi S-450 1977 "samples up to 4 inches" [1970s]
Hitachi S-500 1975 "two 8 inch CRT displays, and featured automatic recording of image data (including magnification, acceleration voltage, and film number) directly on the micrograph" [1970s] ]
Hitachi S-510 EDX ref
Hitachi S-520
Hitachi S-530
Hitachi S-570 Schematics.pdf Yes "As an option the S-570 is available with LaB6 gun for large probe currents and low voltage applications" ref
Hitachi S-800 Schematics Manual.pdf Yes ref
Hitachi S-806 "uses a cold field emitter as electron gun" ref
Hitachi S-806C
Hitachi S-2100
Hitachi S-2300 WDX, EDX Schematics Manual.pdf Yes ref
Kitmondo hitachi s-2400 7ee58f4d-4bef-4cd0-acd2-2b74d6987591.jpg
Hitachi S-2400
Hitachi S-2460N Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-2500
Hitachi S-2600H Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-2600N Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-2700
Hitachi S-3000H 3nm @ 30kV Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Kitmondo hitachi s-3000n ef3890fa-3989-4aeb-8c2e-4cf59988c489.jpg
Hitachi S-3000N Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-3200N Yes
Kitmondo hitachi s-3200h hitachi s-3200h.jpg
Hitachi S-3500H Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-3500N Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-4000 Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-4100
Kitmondo hitachi s-4200 h4200.jpg
Hitachi S-4200 FE 5 nm @ 1 kV
1.6 nm @ 15 kV
Kitmondo hitachi s-4500 109hitachis-4 106.jpg
Hitachi S-4500 Schematics Manual.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-4700 Schematics.pdf Yes
Hitachi S-4700-II
Hitachi S-4800 Yes
Hitachi S-5200 Yes
Hitachi S-6000
Hitachi S-6100
Hitachi S-6200
Hitachi S-6280H ref
Hitachi S-6600
Hitachi S-6780
Hitachi S-7000
Kitmondo hitachi s-7800h 109hitachis-7 108.jpg
Hitachi S-7800H "Critical Dimension (CD)" SEM ]
Kitmondo hitachi s-8840 109hitachis-8 110.jpg
Hitachi S-8840
Kitmondo hitachi s-9200 109hitachis-9 112.jpg
Hitachi S-9200
Kitmondo hitachi s-9220 109hitachis-9 113.jpg
Hitachi S-9220
Hitachi S-9300 ref
Hitachi SU-1500
Hitachi SU-8010
Hitachi SU-8020
Hitachi SU-8030
Hitachi SU-8040
Hitachi TM3000 Yes
Hitachi XMA-5b 1966 "Hitachi called its 1966 XMA-5b an “EPMA with SEM.” This was more of an electron probe microanalyzer than an SEM, and was most likely Hitachi's attempt to quickly join in the SEM business" [1960s]