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I've acquired 2 or 3 K2 IND systems and have mixed/matched parts to combine them into a working system.

Basically what happened was I tried really hard to get one at local auction but kept getting outbid. I found one at reasonable price on eBay (after some negotiation) and acquired it. However, it didn't come with any objectives. Somehow after this I managed to win a very nice system at industrial auction for pretty low price (lower than the objectives would have cost on eBay). I ultimately had to mix/match parts from the two systems to get good optical quality.

Nikon clamps are 8-32 (revolving nosepiece and such)

Historical notes



Given the quality of this system and how much I bid to get other systems, this system has been surprisingly low cost to build.

Combining parts into a working high quality system composed of:

Image Vendor Model Description Source system Notes
Zygo / Tech Inst KMS310RT Chassis KMS310RT base / Z axis
Tech K2IND-KMS310 Illuminator KMS310RT
Nikon Lamphouse KMS310RT Mercury burner
Nikon HB-10103AF Lamp PS KMS310RT Mercury burner PS
Tech Inst? ? XY stepper table Disp Serv XY
Compumotor M57-102 XY stepper driver Disp Serv XY
Gecko G320X Z servo driver Gecko
Came with a gecko!
Nikon CF Plan Objective KMS310RT
10x, 20x, 50x, 100x

Missing the 5x, has a slot for it
Nikon ? Observation tube, trinocular Nikon K2 Original system was binocular
NRC Model 39 Tilt correction eBay Mirror mount
McMaster Enclosed pr0ndexer Indexer Digikey, Amazon
2.5 combicon

Lovingly assembled
McMaster pr0nscope Control software N/A
Lenovo t61p Control laptop weird stuff

Motorized Z axis

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serve z elec.jpg Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serve z elec2.jpg

Above: Zygo electronics overview

Have this sort of working using Gecko drive but not very well

Signal Encoder wire Cable wire Notes
Floating Shield Clear unshielded
Common Black Black
+5V White White
A Brown Orange
B Red Red
Z Yellow N/C Probably once-per-rev reference mark
? N/C Green ?

Motor details

Motor: Harmonic Drive "HiT Drive SERVO ACTUATOR, RH-11-6001-E100DO5"

    • Encoder (sold with motor): ENCODER-02A 1000P /R

Website] decoding of RH-11-6001-E100DO5:]

    • RH Type: RH mini series
    • 11 size 11
    • 60 Output shaft rated rotational speed (r/min) 60 r/min
    • 01 Rated output (W) x10 10 W
    • E incremental encoder
    • 100 encoder resolution 1000p/r
    • D Encoder power supply 5-12
    • Case says 5V
    • O: open collector
    • aha!
    • 5: ?
    • Not a special suffix
    • indicates 5V operation?

Encoder details

Cover removed:

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serv z 4665.jpg Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serv z 4671.jpg

Glass rotary encoder with open drain outputs.

I opened this up because I was having trouble getting signal (2014-09-29) and thought it might have been broken. Now I know it was just an open drain vs actively driven issue.

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serv z overview.jpg

Above: troubleshooting encoder signals

When I asked Gecko about my linear encoders they didn't seem that familiar with them (which seems a bit odd but w/e). In any case, they recommended the follow qudrature encoders:

    • CUI AMT102-V
    • US Digital quadrature encoder



MOTOREN 22BK 40.5:1


"super high pressure mercury"

Model: Nikon LH-M100CB-1

Use bulb: USH-102DH


XY stage

Not original stage but roughly footprint compatible

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind xy step overview.jpg


Motor Model: M57-102 Serial: 27852 Code:

Driver COMPUMOTOR CORPORATION Model: M57-102 Serial: 27852 Code: A

Control cable is a DB-9 to funky female connector

FIXME: think table is wrong. Conflicts with M-Drive appendix C and motor isn't working

DB-9 pin Indexer pin Cable color Name Notes
1 B Red STEP+
2 A Green DIR+
3 C Blue SHUT+ N/C if unused
4 F Brown SHUT- N/C if unused
5 E Black DIR-
6 D White STEP-
N/C? H

Driver box

Had a driver box but it got lost in the move.

Trying to troubleshoot why not moving. Notes from a while back

20 mA drive required "TTL level" 100 ohm resistor + diode (3.3 V - 0.7V) / 100 = 0.026

Currently using 5V. Is that somehow too much?

Driver boxes are on: motors are locked in place. Any chance the shutdown input got triggered?

Double checked pinout vs above and it sounds like its wired correctly with step/direction

Maybe try switching them if its backwards somehow?

Can't find the k2 stepper config. How many steps per mm?

M-Drive manual has note: TTL Inputs: 3.5 to 6.0 V pulse height 500 ns pulse width minimum 20 mA minimum current 1 MHz maximum pulse rate

Appendix C

Pin Color