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Nikon K2 IND

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind nikon k2 ebay 01.jpg Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind nikon k2 ebay 05.jpg

Above: photo from eBay listing

210 mm optics

Came mostly complete save objectives. Got a Nikon BD Plan 20x objective off of eBay but unfortunately its scratched a little :(. Might not hurt image quality too much though.

Zygo KMS310RT

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serv k2 front.jpg Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serv k2 back.jpg

Above: system at auction. Trivia: the CRT said Micron Technology on it...must have come from them

Intended to be a mask aligner. Infinity system. I believe this is sold by Zygo with major components from Technical Instruments and Nikon.

Very heavy! Estimate 700 lbs

Came as a complete system minus control system:

  • Mercury burner w/ PS
  • Fiber illuminator w/ PS
  • Nikon CF Plan objectives (4). Something like  % * 5x
    • 10x
    • 20x
    • 100x
  • TMC pneumatic anti-vibration table
  • Motorized servo XY table
  • Motorized Z axis (course focus)
  • Piezo Z axis (fine focus)

This page is about piecing it together to try to get it working again

It came with a very small subsection of the user man. I was able to contact Zygo and get some more info


Dataplate: Technical Instrument Company 650 North Mary Avenue Sunyvale, CA 94086-2906 Model: KMS310RT Serial No: XXX Assembly No: 015-00007-AA Manufacturered: TIC THIS PRODUCT CONFORMS TO 21 CFR 1040 AT DATE OF MANUFACTURE


Detailed teardown

TMS300 or something

Had a neutral density filter rattling around when I got it. Have not looked to see where it came from. Have not tried spinning it up

Mercury burner: HB-10103AF

Technical Instrument Company 650 North Mary Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94086-2906 Model: K2IND-KMS310 Serial No: 9635-3235 Assembly No: 200-00013-AJ Manufactured: August 1996

Piezo Z axis

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind pi top.jpg

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind pi bot.jpg

Removed, but would be nice to get it working at some point


Type: P-960.00 Polarity: +

Serial-No. XXX

XY servo motor stage

DC servo system with glass linear encoders. Switched out for stepper system for quicker bring up but might eventually put it back on

Motor: voltage/current/inductance? QUALITY MOTION CONTROL PART NO. 2241-M2608 SERIAL NO. 177 DATE CODE 9606 CUST NO. REV. LEVEL

linear encoder RSK Type MSA6703 Nr.034-042815 01003 Spec.939 F08 Int. 10 um RI-Code02U +5V

Disposition Services microscope stand

XY stepper motors and a reasonably heavy duty (not as heavy duty as the Zygo) manual Z axis.

I believe this was from a K2 IND, or at least something very similar. The XY stage (and maybe z too) footprint is compatible with the disposition services unit

At the time I didn't have a use for it but bought it on speculation since it was pretty inexpensive (about $120 total IIRC)

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind xy step overview.jpg

Z axis and stand

Currently unused, in storage


Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind k2 inds.jpg

Above: standard K2 IND next to the KMS310RT

Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind k2 tables.jpg

Above: both Disposition Services stages during the swap. The servo system baseplate is 3.5" thick (!) and the stepper system is "only" 1.9" thick.