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The K2 industrial ("K2-IND") is a very popular spinning disk based confocal module. They are designed for either of these two microscopes:

  • 012-00010-AA: Leitz Ergolux (infinity optics)
  • 012-00010-AB: Nikon IC-66 (210 mm optics)

Because it is spinning disc type, you do not need any special electronics and can view the image directly in the eyepiece. The back BNC connector can be used to sync disk rotation to the video signal (default: sync to input AC).

Optional "focus finder" attachment evidently does fancy autofocus


  • Power: 12 VAC @ 400 mA
  • 20 lbs
  • 6" wide, 4" tall, 16" long


mcmaster unit doesn't have objectives. Based on the manual and eBay unit, these are supposed tou se BD Plan 210 mm objectives w/ M26 thread.

According to Allanwood Olympus chart], some objectives that might be compatible are:]

Vendor Series Type Target microscope Threading Notes
Olympus NeoPlan BH2 M25
Olympus LWDMPlan RMS
Olympus M BH RMS
Olympus MNH RMS
Olympus MNM RMS
Olympus MPL RMS
Olympus MPlan RMS
Olympus MPLL RMS
Olympus Neo BH M25
Olympus NeoPlan BH? M25


System components:

Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 79.jpgMicroscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 83.jpgMicroscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 92.jpgMicroscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 94.jpgMicroscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 87.jpg
Image Vendor Part # Type Description Notes
Ushio Inc. USH-102DH Bulb "Super-high pressure mercury lamp 100W" For LH-M100CB-1. [AZ-FL]
Nikon ? Bulb Xeon For LH-M100CB-1
Nikon BD PlanAPo Objective 210 mm, B/D, apochromatic

eBay unit


  • 1 BD PlanAPo 100/0.90 Nikon Japan 190093
  • 1 BD Plan 60/0.80 210/0 Nikon 322933
  • 1 BD Plan 20/0.04 210/0 Nikon 421567
  • 1 BD Plan 10/0.25 210/0 Nikon 321658
  • 1 BD Plan 5/0.1 210/0 Nikon 431584

Markus Kammerstetter unit teardown (Nikon)

Images copyright him, released CC-BY

"The lamphouse is of type "lh-m100cb-1". In the unit I have there is a 75W XE arc lamp in the lamp housing"

Setup overview:

\\ Microscope tech inst k2 ind markus confocal 1.jpg

Description of the setup:

The K2 IND 210mm (Nikon) confocal attachment is mounted on a custom built adjustable microscope stand which includes an ASI XY motorized stage and a linear Z stage.\\ On the left you can see the stage controller as well as a custom built joystick controller. With the joystick controller, the microscope stages can be\\ conveniently moved through a regular PC joystick or gamepad (in this case an Xbox gamepad). Besides, the joystick controller passes through stage commands from the PC to the stage.\\ Below the lamp power supply on the right there is a frequency generator that is connected to the sync input of the K2 IND. Without the frequency generator the spinning disc turned too fast\\ and caused vibrations that made the acquired image blurry. With the frequency generator, the speed of the spinning disc can be controlled and the vibrations are gone.\\ On the camera port of the trinocular head we use a 3D printed camera adapter to control the focal length of the camera. On the left of the K2 IND there is an adjustment screw that lets you\\ set up the internal focus (i.e. you should see the holes of the disc as well as the sample under the microscope clear at the same time). Without the custom 3D printed camera adapter, either\\ the camera picture or the picture through the binoculars was sharp, but not both at the same time. The camera adapter solves this issue.\\ For image acquisition an industrial grade DCAM/IIDC FireWire camera is used. On the PC side, the open-source micro-manager software is utilized with a custom written micro-manager camera DeviceAdapter allowing automated stage control, image acquisition, Z-stacking, scripting or integration with software for pattern recognition.


Microscope tech inst k2 ind markus 5.jpg

Disposition services (Nikon)


Nikon MODEL OPTIPHOT-88 AC IN 100-120/220-240V 3/1.5A 50/60Hz JAPAN


Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 79.jpg

K2 ind confocal module:

Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 83.jpg

K2 rear / lamphouse:

Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 92.jpg


Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 87.jpg

Lamp PS:

Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds nikon 94.jpg


MODEL HB-10103AF Nikon corp. MADE IN JAPAN


CASE AC IN 100-120V~ 50/60Hz 3.5A


Disposition services (Leitz)


Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds leitz 96.jpg

K2 ind confocal module:

Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds leitz 98.jpg


Microscope tech inst k2 ind ds leitz 99.jpg

McMaster systems



Trying to restore a pair of heavy duty systems pieced together from industrial auctions


  • Local docs: [1]
  • User manual: [2]
  • Nikon AZ-FL Epi-Fluoresence Attachment Instructions AZ-FL: [3]
  • C-SHG1 manual: [4]