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Image Vendor Model Year kV Gun Resolution (nm) Features Manual Schem SW Notes
Phillips FEG XL 40 EDAX
Phillips 501 1977 30 7 [1970s]
Phillips 501B 1979 30? 7? EDS, WDS [1970s]
Phillips SEM 505 1980 "new doped-yttrium silicate scintillator for the detection of backscattered electrons in its 1980 model SEM 505; this new detector was 200 times more sensitive to backscattered electrons than previous scintillators" [1980s]
Phillips SEM 515 1984 "improved on the 505 by adding computer-controlled automatic focussing and astigmation correction" [1980s]
Phillips SEM 525 EB 1985 "created for functional testing of ICs" [1980s]
Phillips SEM 525 IC 1985 "designed for the non-destructive testing of semiconductor wafers" [1980s]
Phillips EM 300 accessory 1968 "attachment turned the TEM into an STEM" [1960s]
Phillips PSEM 500 1972 50 10 "Philips' first SEM" [1970s]
Phillips PSEM 500M 1973 50? 10? "designed for larger samples, accommodating specimens with dimensions of 153 mm x 146 mm x 84 mm" [1970s]
Microscope sem dc phillips xl40 dc sem.jpg Phillips XL-30 W 3.5nm @ 30kV
SEC SNE-1500M Manual_eng_042308[1.pdf Yes] Tabletop ]
SEC SNE-3000M Tabletop
SEC SNE-3000MB Tabletop
SEC SNE-3200M Tabletop
SEC SNE-4500M Tabletop
Seron AIS2100C
Seron AIS2200
Seron AIS2300C
Tescan VEGA3 Yes
Topcon ABT-32 5
Topcon ABT-60 4
Topcon ABT-150
Topcon SM-720 0.9
Zeiss DSM 950 1986 30kV W 10nm (Spec) "Digital SEM" Schematics (ask @tmbinc for access) "First Digital SEM" == lots of 74xx with a microcontroller here and there; Very similar to DSM960(A) and DSM940
Zeiss DSM 960 DSM960 Manual
Zeiss NEON 40 EsB FE 2.5 nm @ 1 kV "Canion FIB column"
Zeiss SIGMA Yes
Zeiss Supra 55VP FE
1.7 nm @ 1 kV

2 nm @ 30 kV (VP)