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Image Vendor Model Year Max nA SEM kV SEM Gun SEM resolution (nm) Features List price Ask price Manual Schem SW Notes
FEI Dual Beam 235 Y 550k
FEI Dual Beam 830 Y 400k
FEI Dual Beam 835 Y 425k
FEI Dual Beam 865 Y 495k
FEI Dual Beam Expida 1275 Y
FEI ExSolve ~2015 Y

BIg, for wafers
FEI FIB 200 ~1995 N CEM or ET detector, Optional: [Flood gun, GIS] 225-250k
FEI FIB800 N 225k
FEI Helios Nanolab ~2015 Y [1]
FEI Nova 600 NanoLab ~2003 Y
FEI Scios ~2015 Y [2]
FEI V400ACE ~2015 [3]
FEI Versa 3D DualBeam ~2015 Y Optional: ESEM [4]
FEI Vion ~2015 [5]
Helios 460HP Y
LEO-Zeiss 1540 XB Y
Micrion 9500 N 100k
Zeiss Crossbeam 340 ~2015 100? Y [6]
Zeiss Crossbeam 540 ~2015 100? Y [7]
Seiko SMI3050 SE 650k
Seiko SMI3200 2000 20nA N Carbon or Tungsten GIS a million? $1.5k Yes Spec Sheet, Install Specs

Maybe this system could be scavenged for instruments to use on another SEM: [8]