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These use the same horizontal linear dovetail turret:

Mcmaster microscope olympus bh2-4nre bottom.jpg

However, be warned that BH (always?) uses 25 mm (M25) Neo finite objective where as BH2 uses 26 mm (M26) infinity corrected objectives. Here is the underside of a M25 turret, note that they both look the same:

Zoidberg bh neo turret.jpg

From what I understand, the 25 mm objectives will fit into a 26 mm turret but 26 mm objectives do not fit into a 25 mm turret. Here is a 26 mm turret:

Mcmaster microscope olympus bh2-4nre top.jpg

There are also RMS turrets:

Mcmaster microscope olympus bh2-5mre top.jpg

for which you can get plenty of finite objectives and even some infinity such as for MSPlan. Note that all of the RMS turrets are BF while most, but not all, of the M25/M26 turrets are BF/DF.


Mcmaster microscope olympus bh3-nre5 back.jpg

Unlike earlier BH, the BH3 is motorized and uses a larger vertical linear dovetail. I was able to take the 5 position revolving part off of this and transplant it onto BH2 dovetail to make a BH2 compatible.