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Update 10/26/2014: in process of scanning a massive number of documents. Most of them have been scanned but need to be sorted.

International Scientific Instruments (ISI)

Master schematic list

Digital image capture



Some sort of site dedicated to ISI microscopes but has no real info, seems to be advertising only

Are you planning to acquire a research-quality scanning electron microscope?

If your answer isyes, it will pay you to evaluate the following:

Ours Theirs

Resolution better than 60 Angstroms Dual magnification Dual signal imaging Scan rotation Zoom magnification Y modulation imaging TV Scan Micron bar Digital magnification Automatic contrast/brightness Gamma control Automatic vacuum system Full range of operating modes Price: Less than $45,000

If you're planning on paying $50,000, $60,000, $75,000 or more… you're paying too much! New The ISI-60, strictly a re­ search-quality scanning electron microscope …with a performance capability equal to SEM's priced much higher. The ISI-60 offers a vast array of state-of-the-art features (some of which are de­ scribed above), all of them standard equipment. A truly superb SEM, capable of satisfying the most de­ manding requirements. Priced at less than $45,000! Budget limited? ISI has three lower cost models available, $12,000 to $20,000. Contact us for complete details on these quality SEM's. Or, better yet, drop by for a demonstration. ISI International Scientific Instruments, Inc. New The SUPER III-A, latest member of our popular SUPER series. Resolution 70 Angstroms guaranteed. Your choice of many of the advanced features found in the ISI-60. A fine research scanning electron micro­ scope with an extraordi­ nary degree of flexibility for the user. Price? Less than $30,000! Headquarters: 3255-6C Scott Boulevard · Santa Clara, CA 95050 · Phone (408) 249-9840 Sales and service around the world CIRCLE 106 ON READER SERVICE CARD


Private communication with a past ISI employee: "ISI became Topcon and got out of the SEM business and moved into surveying products"

Incorporation documents indicate it was founded (in the US) around 1972. This is reasonably consistent with schematic dates.

Its demise is unclear. The ISI trademark expired in 2004 and was renewed at least until 1983. It takes 6 years for a trademark to expire indicating they were at least somewhat active until 1998.

This document is more specific saying that it was specifically dissolved 1 July 1993. This document also explains some of the Georgia-Pleasonton connection. However, it also claims incorporation was not until 1976. It could simply be that they did bussiness in the US as early as 1972 but didn't incorporate until 1976.

The latest schematic I have is dated 1984.

This document indicates they became inactive in 1995.

Most of the schematics are marked Akashi. Its unclear to me the exact history behind these companies. I've also seen Akashi Beam Technology (ABT) Corporation. Maybe ABT and ISI merged? Akashi might have been the foreign (korean?) arm of ISI.


I noticed that ISI seems to have moved around a lot. For my own amusement, this is a list of addresses I've seen

1400 Sterlin Road

Mountain View, CA 94043

Headquarters: 3255-6C Scott Boulevard · Santa Clara, CA 95050

1457 McCarthy Boulevard

Milpitas, CA 95035

ISI International Scientific Instruments, Inc. 6940 Koll Center Parkway Pleasanton, CA 94566 USA Tel: 415 462 2212 Scanning electron microscopes (WET-SEM series) and transmission electron microscopes.

I've also seen Palo Alto listed