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DCI stepper motor driver.


The provided stage. Marked "DCI MC-001".

DCI Stage.jpg

Bottom of stage has four holes in a 2x2 grid. Holes are tapped for 10-32 machine screws.

ID of holes is 4.15 mm.

Pitch of holes in short axis (direction of motion): 50.53 mm

Pitch of holes in long axis: 79.55 mm

Top of stage has six 10-32 holes in a 2x3 grid. Spacing in both axes is 50.53 mm.


The stage is meant to be manually controlled via a joystick.

The joystick module is a 2-layer PCB which generates step/direction pulses using one CD4046B PLL IC for each axis. This is clearly a prototype or low-volume product given that there are at least four obvious pieces of rework on the board.

DCI joystick bottom.jpg DCI joystick top.jpg


The drive unit accepts step/direction pulses on a DA-15 D-sub connector. Only six of the 15 positions are loaded, configured as follows. All signals are 5V CMOS logic levels.

Pin number Wire color Function
1 Black Ground
5 Orange +10V power to joystick
9 Yellow X axis step
10 Green Y axis step
11 Red X axis direction
12 Brown Y axis direction

DCI joystick cable.jpg

DCI drive front.jpg

TODO: internal photos of the drive unit, back panel, etc