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Page created towards getting wire for my bonder

I have the following wires ordered:

  • 2x CFW California Fine Wire 1% Si Al Silicon Aluminum Bonding Wire 50ft 0.001 NOS
  • Wire itself is compatible to machine, but is on a small spool
  • Price is quite low (per foot) and is on the right spool type
  • Diameter is unknown
  • 1x Topline 1.0 mil Au, 300'
  • Bought new
  • Correct spool size
  • Cost $ total, although actually comparable to the CFW per foot

"bonding wire" gave a lot of usable results on eBay

Note: a lot of surplus wire seems to be ribbon rather than round wire. I'm avoiding these. Where are these used?


  • CFW California Fine Wire
  • CFW California Fine Wire 1% Si Al Silicon Aluminum Bonding Wire 50ft 0.001 NOS
    • Ordered
  • Heraeus
  • Aluminum Wire 5 mil - 500ft - Orthodyne K&S Bonder
  • Leico /Sigmund
  • Leico /Sigmund 1% Si Al Silicon Aluminum Bonding Wire 100ft (4x25 per spool) NOS
  • GOLD WIRE SECON METALS 100FT on a Spool in a box HMS-22-1681-TIPE1 AIRBON NEW
  • Sigmund
  • Sigmund 1% Mg Al Magnesium Aluminium Alloy Hookup Bonding Wire 80ft .001 NOS
  • Sigmund Cohn
  • Sigmund Cohn .003 ~40 AWG 99.99% Gold (au) Wire 150' Spool.
  • Sigmund Cohn Wire Gold on Rodar 8030005-1 Rev C 2092FT .003" Micro Acid Au
    • Rodar™ is an alloy used for sealing into glass, with an expansion curve comparable to glass. It’s an iron, cobalt, nickel alloy
  • Topline:
  • Distributor of engineering sized wire orders
Vendor Model Material Diameter (um) Notes
California Fine Wire (CFW) Al
Coining 11345 Au Via Ametek
Heraeus AgLite series Ag 15-38 Silver Alloy Wire for LED Device and IC Packaging
Heraeus Al-H11
Heraeus Al-H11 CR
Heraeus Al-R
Heraeus AlSi 1%
Heraeus AlSi 1%.
Heraeus AlSi 1%-CR
Heraeus ALW-19C Al
Heraeus ALW-295M Al Want info on this
Heraeus ALW-29S Al 18-76
Heraeus ALW-49C Al 178-508
Heraeus ALW-49P Al 125-500
Heraeus ALW-49R Al
Heraeus ALW-59P Al
Leico / Sigmund
Sigmund Cohn
TANAKA DENSHI KOGYO K.K. Distributed by Topline