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"AMR AY" (the AY is written next to AMR but in ligher font). No idea what AY stands for


"U.S. Anrui company AMRAY, his original name was AMR (Advanced Metal Research Institute of Higher metal) was established in 1958. It just started to accept user commissioned to do material analysis and research is a primary means of the company's own manufacturing electron probe. In the 1965, 1966 International SEM appear, prompting Amray quickly turned to scanning electron microscopy, in 1967 designed in 1969 completed the first model AMR-900 type (30kv 10nm)." Source]]

Acquired by KLA-Tencor in 1998 [amray acq]

"changed its name to AMRAY so as to avoid confusion with other companies referred to by the initials AMR" [report]


  • KLA-Tencor to Acquire Amray, Inc., a Leading Provider of SEM Defect Review Systems [amray acq]: [1]
  • AMRAY, INC. - COMPANY REPORT [report]: [2]