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Misc pages:

Major systems

Image Name Status Description
Mcmaster cnc microscope mk1 overview2.jpg cnc_microscope Defunct First operational automated scanning system
Mcmaster cnc microscope mk2 4.jpg pr0nscope Operational Olympus / Mitutoyo CNC microscope (main production system)
Mcmaster tech inst k2 ind disp serv z overview.jpg k2scope Operational Nikon K2IND confocal CNC microscope
Mcmaster brainscope ezlaze microscope.jpg Brainscope Operational EZLaze laser CNC microscope
Mcmaster isi super iiia 01.jpg Gargamel Defunct ISI Super IIIA SEM
Scrapped. Kept vacuum chamber
Mcmaster isi m-7 isicolumn.jpg Smurf Defunct ISI M7 SEM
Gave to someone at work
xy-ray Operational Dental x-ray + CNC XY stages. First scan 2015-08-01
uv2000cnc Operational
Aspex / RJ Lee SEM Operational

All robot systems run LinuxCNC. With the exception of uv2000cnc, these are powered by a Machinekit BBB.