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Tip seal

One of the biggest issue of owning a scroll pump is tip seals wear out fairly quickly and can be expensive to replace. Many scroll pumps are essentially totaled if kits can't be found readily. This section is about evaluating the merits of making DIY tip seals


Sample commercial pricing. Keep distributors anonymous unless they explicitly list pricing

Ideal vacuum

Vendor Pump Kit Price Notes
Busch FO 0018 C OHO Tip seal $545.00


Busch FO 0018 C OHO Full $3928.00


How much does a pump cost..


Busch black gasket material analysis

  • Suspected to be bronze filled PTFE
  • FTIR has confirmed PTFE is primary organic
  • EDS analysis pending

Scrolls are anodized aluminum

likely Class 3 PTFE filled

that 1045 is even more likely

Rulon J can be made in thin film form

Yellow gasket