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  • Wire
    • Gold 0.7 to 3.0 mils (17 to 75 um)
  • Spool: TC-3 2" (50.8 mm) diameter, single flange
  • EFO: 1200 VDC, adjustable
  • Table
  • Coarse: 6.5" diameter
  • Throat depth (clearance head to table?): 5"
  • Performance
  • Temperature
  • Controller: KTC-101
  • Thermocopule: type J (iron-constantan)
  • Operating range: 0 to 50C
  • Set range: 0 to 400C
  • Weight
  • 64 lb w/o accessories
  • 110 lb shipped w/o accessories

2018-03-08: mcmaster has two units on the way. One sourced locally at auction, one being shipped eBay freight. The eBay unit is pretty complete, although cosmetically isn't as nice. The local unit is reasonably complete, but may be missing a few simple bits like the wedge.

2018-03-15: both units have arrive. FabExchange unit unfortunately in much worse condition than I thought based on the pictures. For example, the inside electronics have been stripped out, and really the unit is just mostly taped together and missing a lot of screws. Its also missing drive belts and misc other covers. Fortunately the eBay unit, although has some missing paint and a little rust, is otherwise in pretty good condition. Preliminary tests indicate that it likely works

2018-03-25: contacted K&S, was told: "K&S no longer offers any manual wire bonder products and has ceased all related support services. You may want to contact Sharon Siso (...@mpptools.com) from MPP."


4124 adjustments Clamp solenoid

   Section 6.1.5
   Reccomended: 100g force at 5 mil gap
   5 - 7 mil acceptable for 1-3 mil wire
   Must be changed when loading different size wire
   Use force gauge (scale?)
   Adjust force with nut on right
   Adjust distance with set screws on left

Bond force

   Section 6.1.6
   Use force gauge (scale)

Search height

   Section 6.1.8
   Set to 5 mil
   Adjust search dial while chessman held down

EFO electrode adjustment

   Section 6.1.11 
   Figure 3-8 on page 20 has items labeled
   EFO vertical
       1 mil wire => 30-30 mils below capillary
       Greater gap => smaller wire
       To adjust: loosen knurled knob
   EFO horizontal
       4 mm to left of capillary tip
       Loosen solenoid clamping screw
       SHCS allen key: 77 mil
   EFO overtravel
       50-60 mil beyond capillary tip
       Loosen solenoid ring set screws
       SS allen key: 34 mil

Capillary adjustment

   SHCS allen key: ? couldn't get one to fit. Using pliers to tighten...
       diameter: 1.47 mm
       thread: 1.25 / 4 = 0.3125 mm
   Capillary diameter: 1/16"
   Allen key inserted for alignment: 56 mil
       63 mil diagonol vs 1/16" => 63 mil

Wire loading

   First o-ring 3/8" from flared side of funnel

150C workholder



Label: TEST

Suspect has serial port somewhere on it

# Color Function Note
1 9.3.5
Set MOTOR switch ON and check for less than 6 Vdc
DMM: -150 mV
2 DMM: 0.65V
3 DMM: -85mV
4 9.27.5 in Manual Z does not function properly in 6.1.18 Z-LVDT ADJUSTMENT
+7.6 V Z up ("reset")
–8.5 V Z down
DMM: -230 mV
5 9.3.4
With MOTOR switch OFF, rotate cam until LED 1 (RESET) lights up on logic
board. Check for 7 Vdc
6 9.3.2
18 V ptp, 2.5 kHz sine wave
DMM: -15V
7 DMM: 0V
8 DMM 15V


The PCB in the schematic does not match my unit

Manual: parts table lists as 4124-4100-0 Logic Board Ass’y, image layout shows the same thing

Unit: 04125-4210-000-01

mcmaster eBay

Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 0.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 1.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 2.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 3.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 4.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 5.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 6.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 7.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 8.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 9.jpg Ebay outback6 162730967379 ks4124 10.jpg

Initial checkout

  • Bonding cycle: okay. I hear it feeding wire, I see the clamp releasing, it goes though 1/2 (initial/finish) cycle, does a ball forming motion, etc
  • Tried both the mouse and lever
  • However, pulley band old / rigid and snapped after a little use. Need to replace
  • Heated plate: heats
  • EFO or w/e its called: flickering red power LED. I haven't tested EFO specifically, will have to see if its actually working once I get wire
  • Targeting light: turns on, but I'm not seeing a reticle. Maybe needs some adjustment
  • Goose neck illumination: seems to work
  • TODO
  • Order replacement pulley belt
  • Order (gold) wire (size?)
  • Investigate tip. Is it okay? Should I order spare/replacement?
  • Order spare bulbs?

mcmaster FabExchange

Fabex ks4124 0.jpg Fabex ks4124 1.jpg Fabex ks4124 2.jpg Fabex ks4124 3.jpg Fabex ks4124 4.jpg

Resolution: scrap for other unit. Too many missing parts / things wrong to consider repair

ebay outback6 291094800318

Source: eBay seller outback6

Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 0.jpg Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 1.jpg Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 2.jpg Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 3.jpg Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 4.jpg Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 5.jpg Ebay outback6 291094800318 ks4124 6.jpg

ebay amsi 352246425950_ks4124

Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 0.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 1.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 2.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 3.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 4.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 5.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 6.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 7.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 8.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 9.jpg Ebay amsi 352246425950 ks4124 10.jpg



  • KTC-101-1: 115 VAC
  • KTC-101-2: 230 VAC

Type J TC

Workohlder male DB9
Pin Function Wire color Notes
1 TC Shrouded silver +/-?
2 Ground? Yellow w/ green
3 Coil Yellow
4 N/A N/A
5 N/A N/A
6 TC Shrouded silver
7 Coil Yellow
8 N/A N/A
9 N/A N/A

Tried both TC polarities. One read 32, other 37C. Hmm

Coil resistance: 78.4 ohm. Around 1.5A

Couldn't get ground wire continuity on anything

Belt repair

Belt broke shortly after I started using it due to it being old and what not


  • 1/8" tube diameter
  • 8.5" long => 2.8" OD
  • polyurethane

McMaster doesn't sell OD below 4", so need to make one myself. I've ordered 1/8" material and will try to fit and join it. Suggestion is to fit it on the machine to length, then cut to allow for 10% stretching (ie cut 10% off).


Bonding wire