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Mcmaster isi m-7 m7front.jpgMcmaster isi m-7 isicolumn.jpg

Above: codename Smurf before I overhauled it. In the above unit it has a lot of rust and other problems

Diffusion pump


Ultimate Vacuum: x10-6 mmHg 10E-6 torr Fore Pressure 3x10-1 mmHg 100 mTorr H. Power 100/0.35KW 100VAC 3.5 A Pump Speed: 100 L/sec Amount of Oil: 40cc No: 790123 TOKYO VACUUM MACHINERY Co. Ltd. TOKYO JAPAN

Trying to figure out cooling. Options:

    • New Cole Parmer peristaltic pump w/ LS-15 tubing: 1L/min max
    • Warms up tubing at high speeds
    • DudaDiesel pump: min/max?
    • Too much? any chance I could break something?
    • Small pump
    • Test?

Chilling options

    • FTC-350A from De Anza flea market
    • Early tests show that it might not necessarily work: outlet is not any colder than inlet
    • Large crycooler
    • Works
    • High current draw
    • -100C: potential to freeze water by accident