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John McMaster's notes from repairing and calibrating misc units. For more information contact john@mcmaster.tech

Note: New Wave Research was acquired by Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI)

Tilt plate

These often get separated from units so we made some reproductions. Want one? Contact john@mcmaster.tech


  • An LCS-II: observe 2 mounting screws
  • An ezlaze: observe 3 or so mounting screws

An LCS-II unit:

  • Ball bearing
  • Pivot set screws
    • Qty: 2
    • Use 2.5 mm driver
    • Special machined screw w/ bearing on end
    • Bearing: 3.3 mm OD (0.13")
    • Thread: M5
    • Total length: 9.3 mm
    • Threaded length: 7.2 mm
    • Material: stainless
    • Kevin: glue ball bearing on the end
      • 4 mm bearings
  • Spring SHCS
    • Qty: 2
    • M4 x 20 mm
    • Material: stainless
    • Belleville washers: 14
      • Arrange as 7 pairs stacked against each other
      • Maybe this would work?
      • Material thickness: 0.46 mm (0.018")
      • Total thickness: 0.67 mm (0.026")
      • ID: 4.33 mm (0.17")
      • OD: 8.4 mm (0.33")
  • Set screws
    • Qty: 2
    • Use 2.0 mm driver
    • M4 x 8 mm
    • Material: black steel


Canonical objective for these is Mitutoyo M Plan Apo. Could something else work?


  • Search terms
    • "M Plan Apo"
    • LWD objective
    • long working distance objective
  • Mitutoyo M Plan Apo
  • B&L Industrial
    • Wrong thread
    • Not infinity
    • ...but cheap and might be good enough
  • Optem
  • Seiwa
  • Sigma Koki
  • USMC
  • V-Technology
  • New Wave
    • As in NWR? Are these intended for ezlaze?
  • Correct Tokyo (Seiwa)

To test:

  • Inspect objective
  • Run image quality test (MTF?)
  • Long duration test...maybe 1000 shots at max power?
  • Inspect objective
  • Run image quality test (MTF?)



  • Has a slot instead of a round cable hole
  • 3M 3485-2300

Power connector

  • Got blank shell and cut slot w/ hacksaw. Then melted new plastic in to close up the side

Noisy/slow crystal/filter selection investigation

Symptom: the filter wheel that contains wavelength selection and high/low takes longer to settle than usual and overshoots a few times before settling down


  • Motor problem?
  • Pot problem?
  • PID parameters can be adjusted? Are there any trim pots?
  • No spare units to scavenge parts off of


  • 1616E012S T 265

Repair / calibration

Uneven cut

 With the uneven cut, is possible the laser is misalign and will need to
 be optimize and realign.  The possible misalignment can cause by the
 Q-SW (pocket cell) is deteriorating and may need replace.  For the XY
 aperture shutter, we will replace both Motors and Potentiometer.

Flashlamp replace

Flashlamp rated for 30 million shots. Skeptical replacing it was going to help, but tried anyway. Didn't seem to improve power output. Maybe its the uneven cut issue above?

7/32" allen key for side of flashlamp housing

2 mm for screwing cover in for the long buried screw near the HV generator

1.3 mm allen for the short ones

mcmaster original lamp says: LL7039/88

Lamp part numbers:

  • New Wave Research 0002-0036
  • LL7039
    • Printed on lamp: LL7039/88
    • Who's part number is this?
    • Total length: ~78 mm
    • Arc length: ~46 mm
    • Diameter: ~4.97 mm
Vendor / part Date Price Lead time
1 EU, opt 1 2019-09 £122.00 10 weeks
1 EU, opt 2 2019-09 £185.70 10-12 weeks
1 US 2009-12 $215 2 days

May be wrong part. Not sure if billing is correct

2 2019-09 $245 2 days
3 2019-09 $197.36 2 days

Spare lamp box says "Lamp no: LL7039"

Suggested vendors:


Visit Kevin, got:

  • 2x ezlaze laser head
  • 1x ESI power meter head
  • 1x power meter head w/ controller

Tests on my ezlaze:

  • DB25 only: motors twitch at startup. Interlock lit red, cannot turn on
  • Both connectors: motors twitch at startup. Interlock lit red. However, press "ON" moves from red interlock to yellow emission
  • When hitting "ON", a loud relay is heard in the controller

Kevin-1 (K1):

  • Missing tilt plate
  • Missing tilt plate screws
  • No camera adapter
  • Motors do not twitch at power up
  • Unable to bring out of interlock
  • Missing shutter
  • LCSII....ah not exactly the same

Kevin-2 (K2)

  • Motors twitch at startup
  • Bent power connector. Was able to bend back into shape
  • Mounting plate screws but no mounting plate
  • Has shutter
  • EZLAZE 532/355
  • Beam profile uneven (as seen through laser glasses). TODO: point at camera?
  • Sensor 3" from laser, 10 sec average
    • 500L: 65 uJ
    • 1000L: 124 uJ
    • 500H: 192 uJ
    • 1000H: 382 uJ

ESI power meter

  • Battery: Everyday 504, NEDA 2220, 15V


Documenting backlog. Especially around Pockells cell / EOM repair

Open question about q-switch polarity. Tried putting my (mostly bad) EOM in my laser forwards/backwards and positive/negative polarity. Only forward positive configuration fires. Not sure if polarity reversal is bad

Scrapped ezlaze Kevin had in dire shape to get sacrificial q-switch. Housing very different, but core looked the same. Unfortunately, does not seem to work in my original laser. Also tried reversing it, but didn't help. NOTE: Kevin has a second identical loose EOM assembly. We should try it

Played briefly with transferring fluid from sacrificial larger EOM. Had issue with bubble, also still unclear if fluid matched correctly

Pockels cell research:

  • Probably made by Qioptiq, but may be branded Gsanger or LINOS

Due to a series of acquisitions, Qioptiq

has an impressive history and pedigree, benefi ting

from the knowledge and experience of LINOS,

Point Source, Rodenstock Precision Optics, Spindler

& Hoyer, Gsänger, Optem, Pilkington, Avimo and


Did a lot of research on the fluid. Index matching fluid (IMF) is required due to the high efficiencies required to make a cavity resonate.


  • Great paper on IMF choices
  • TLDR: FC-43 for most applications, but more exotic choices if you don't care about carcinogens and/or cost


  • quantumtech.com: "We have index matching fluid $175 for 30ml bottle and available from stock. We charge for repair would be approximately $400. "
  • Tried to order FC-43 from Sigma, but they denied my order
    • https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/sial/77299
    • Heptacosafluorotributylamine (Fluorinert™ FC-43)
    • 5 mL: 52.60
    • 25 mL: 235.00


mcmaster unit


IOA unit

TODO: add pictures (if someone gives them to me...)

eBay ntxsupply unit (EZ-LAZE 532/355)

"New Wave Research EZ-LAZE 532 / 355 Power Supply & Control Panel & Foot Pedal"

Need power supply, this unit sounds very similar to mine and has the right connections. In negotiations to try to get this.


Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 0.jpg

Control box:

Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 1.jpg Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 2.jpg Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 3.jpg

Power supply:

Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 4.jpg Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 5.jpg Ebay ntxsupply 151675355993 6.jpg

eBay outback6 unit (EZ-LAZE 532)

"G102838 New Wave Research EZ-LAZE/532 Laser w/Power Supply & Controller"

A possibility, but its a complete system which means it will command a higher price...probably harder to break it up just to get the PS


Ebay outback6 331147302083 0.jpg


Ebay outback6 331147302083 1.jpg


Ebay outback6 331147302083 3.jpg

Power supply:

Ebay outback6 331147302083 9.jpg Ebay outback6 331147302083 2.jpg

Laser head:

Ebay outback6 331147302083 4.jpg Ebay outback6 331147302083 5.jpg Ebay outback6 331147302083 6.jpg Ebay outback6 331147302083 7.jpg Ebay outback6 331147302083 8.jpg

eBay express_test unit (EZ-LAZE LCS-II 532/355)

Ebay express test 400896932451 0.jpg

System looks a little different




Has a great teardown and some really useful info about system problems


Source: Main Features

   Air-cooled architecture
    1. No cooling water
    2. Compact, Lightweight
    3. No maintenance required
   Selectable wavelengths allow cutting
   and machining of a wide range of materials:
    1. 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm
   3-axis control of cut size and orientation.
   From 2μm x 2μm (with 100X objective)
   to 50μm x 50μm (with 50X objective).
   Rotation through 180°.
   Simple operation via remote control box
   with a 6.5cm x 7.5cm LCD screen displaying
   menu-based commands or via RS232 interface.
   Precise energy control over a wide range.
   Internal LED spot marker.
   Compatible with most major brands
   of FA microscopes (Mitutoyo, Motic, Seiwa).
   3 Operating modes:
    1. Single shot
    2. Continuous (1 Hz)
    3. Burst (max. of 10 sec. at 5 Hz).

Standard configuration includes:

   Laser Head
   Standard Energy
   XY Shutter (Std. Resolution)
   Power Supply
   Remote Control
   2.4m umbilical
   Video spot marker
   Foot switch


   High Pulse Energy
   Rotating Shutter
   High Resolution Shutter
   Motorized Polarizer
   Horizontal Mount Laser
   Head with Robot-length
   Internal Spot Marker
   Microscope & Accessories


I asked for a ezlaze manual and was given a quicklaze manual...w/e. Looks like they share a lot of common components

Interesting excerpt from manual: The QuikLaze is designed to operate on specially modified Mitutoyo FS60Y and FS50 and Ready products A-Zoom and S-Scope microscopes. Become familiar with your microscope before attempting to install the QuikLaze.

The quicklaze power supply looks pretty similar to the ezlaze power supply...possibly compatibile

eBay surplusexiting complete 532


Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 0.jpg Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 9.jpg Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 4.jpg

Power supply:

Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 1.jpg Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 5.jpg


Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 2.jpg Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 3.jpg


Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 6.jpg Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 7.jpg Ebay surplusexiting 291461826013 8.jpg

eBay surplusexiting prism_electronics2 bad power supply

Ebay prism electronics2 291003612067 0.jpg Ebay prism electronics2 291003612067 1.jpg Ebay prism electronics2 291003612067 2.jpg Ebay prism electronics2 291003612067 3.jpg Ebay prism electronics2 291003612067 4.jpg Ebay prism electronics2 291003612067 5.jpg

eBay s.scherets

A less common stand alone system. Rackmount power supply

They called it a quicklaze but I think its actually an ezlaze?

Ebay s.scherets 171042385856 0.jpg Ebay s.scherets 171042385856 1.jpg